Morley Blades Fencing Club

Sword fighting in London every Tuesday! Why not come and give us a try?

Morley Blades fencing club

Morley Blades fencing club has been around for a long time. We started in the 1950s (our oldest active member has been at the club over 20 years). In the 1970s we became affiliated with Morley College and their fencing courses for beginners. Sadly, as of 2011, Morley College has had to close their course but the club is still going strong, and still teaching beginners how to fence.

The first hour of each evening is a group lesson. The second hour is free fencing, and individual lessons for club members from our coach, Mick Johnson.

IMGP2685 Foilists IMGP2665 Epeeists IMGP2655 Sabreurs