Morley Blades Fencing Club

Sword fighting in London every Tuesday! Why not come and give us a try?

Learn to fence

We regularly run courses for beginners. Our next course isn't yet scheduled, but will probably be in early 2024. Contact us for more information and to be notified when the next course is scheduled. The course is two hours at 7pm every Tuesday, lasts six weeks and costs just £70. No experience or special kit needed.

For more information, or if you'd like to sign up, please contact or call 07923 481 543

What will I learn?

How to fight with swords!

There is a lot to fencing but you don't have to learn it all at once before you can do it! Over the six week course you'll learn the basic skills and tactics you'll need to fight with the foil - the weapon most people start with. The course is done in simple stages; within a couple of weeks you'll be using basic footwork and the first attacks to fight each other, then each week you'll learn more moves and the tactics needed to use them together. By the end of the course you'll be a fencer.

The fencing master

The course includes

Is it right for me?

There's lots of different sides to fencing, and it rewards lots of different approaches. Some people like to think on their feet, others like to plan ahead. Some rely on speed or agility, others on being careful and accurate at a measured pace. You can try and beat the opponent physically, or beat them mentally.

Because of this, it suits all kinds of people. You don't have to be very fit (but it will help you get fitter). You don't have to be young – our members range from just out of college, to fencers doing more fencing now they've retired. Usually, more than 50% of our beginners are women. If you're left-handed, that's a definite advantage.

Who teaches it?

Our fencing master is Mick Johnson. Mick started fencing in 1973, and went on to represent both Surrey and Middlesex counties. He became Middlesex County Champion in all 3 weapons and regularly made the finals in many Open competitions, training with Great Britain's Epée Squad. A founder member of Egham Fencing Club, Mick has also been both Middlesex County Fencing Union's Team Captain and Chairman from 1997 to present.

Mick started coaching in 2001, coaching for Godalming, Egham, Reading and of course Morley Fencing Clubs, as well as Hampton, Charterhouse, Sir William Perkin, and Farlington Schools. He holds Level 5 Epée and Foil certification, and Level 2 Sabre, under the British Academy of Fencing. He is also a BFA Regional coach in both epée and foil, as well as County Coach in sabre.